Policy Matters: How to Build a Robust Application Security Governance Framework

An effective application security policy framework can take performance and protection to a higher level.

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What You Will Learn:

Without strong policies, even the best application security tools and technology will become ineffective. Download our Policy Matters guide to find out why policies are a critical part of your application security program, how to start developing them and things to consider when establishing them, including:

  • Absolute security vs. program participation: Setting the bar too high will encourage your teams to avoid your policy.

  • Flaws vs. vulnerabilities: Determine which flaws really leave you vulnerable.

  • Remediation vs. mitigation: What is your organizations’ acceptable level of risk?

  • Third-party applications: How do you reduce the risk from purchased applications?

  • Internal vs. external challenges: Balance your internal policies with regulations coming from the outside.

  • Open-source components: What are the guidelines for introducing open-source components into your code?

  • Role of the OWASP Top 10 or SANS 25: How firm are your policies in eliminating the most common threats?