SANS Survey Reveals How Security Teams Can Keep Up with Development

Agile and DevOps development life cycles are now mainstays for any organization looking to deliver software in a competitive marketplace. Given the rapidly increasing number of application deployments to the cloud and mobile devices, application security managers have to contend with compounding unknown risk that is introduced into their software. As a result, AppSec Managers must work in tandem with their peers in development to ensure code security keeps pace with them.

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What will you learn?

SANS conducted a survey of IT and development professionals to learn how security teams are keeping up with the fast-paced deployment cycles in these new and challenging environments.

Webcast attendees will learn about survey results as we explore:

  • Rapid delivery cycles in Agile and DevOps and how they affect security and compliance

  • Tools and techniques that are most effective in securing apps and why

  • Effects of containerization (such as through Docker) on security and risk assessments of applications

  • Who's bridging the gaps between InfoSec, software engineering and compliance and whether such actions improve the security of applications

Join CA Veracode’s Colin Domoney and other seasoned security professionals as they reflect on the survey results and what they mean for application security managers struggling to keep pace with the speed of modern development life cycles.

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