Veracode AppSec and DevOps Trends Report

The increase of major cyber-attacks in the last few years has demonstrated to developers that no organization or application is immune. Veracode commissioned Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to conduct a survey of 400 IT, cybersecurity, and developer professionals to evaluate the benefits of AppSec for contemporary software development and deployment.

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What will you learn?

The results of Veracode’s survey, conducted by ESG, show that AppSec importance is trending with IT and development professionals. Efficiency and compliance are driving AppSec implementation, but competing priorities between code functionality and security continue to get in the way.

From the research report, you will learn:

  • What is driving the AppSec trend

  • AppSec priorities in the changing digital environment

  • How AppSec crosses organizational boundaries

  • Why Embracing DevSecOps is the future

Download the report to find out what these trends mean for AppSec priorities at your organization.