Incorporate Application Security Throughout the Application Life Cycle

Application attacks represent a serious threat to an organization's security. In fact, web application attacks represented 40 percent of breaches in 2015. With the rise in targeted application-layer attacks, security and risk management leaders must address an application's security throughout its entire life cycle, instead of only after deployment.

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What will you learn?

The increased reliance on applications has led to a demand for accelerated app development. This need for faster deployment has further challenged AppSec practitioners to provide reasonable security measures within a tighter timeline. In turn, organizations need to more effectively apply application security best practices throughout the life cycle of their applications. Download Gartner’s Incorporate Application Security Throughout the Application Life Cycle to learn:

  • Why application security is critical

  • Guidelines for establishing an application security program

  • Best practices for each phase of application security, from development to production

Read this report to understand how you can incorporate AppSec in to your organization’s software lifecycle.