How Accenture Clients are Building Comprehensive AppSec Programs with Veracode

Presented by

Karel Kohout, Accenture Managing Director

Rey Bango, Dir. Developer Advocacy

Julian Totzek-Hallhuber, Principal SA

About this talk

It’s an age-old tale in software development: engineers are the backbones of the innovative applications we rely on every day, yet they’re often forced to work so quickly that security can become an afterthought. That opens the door to threat actors and damaging data leaks, and it is why scanning your code early and often is so critical.

When developers have the right integrations in place, they’re able to shift security “left” sooner in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), so that they can catch those critical vulnerabilities before they become expensive headaches. When organizations take the time to select application security tools that work seamlessly with popular code repository tools like GitHub and GitLab, developers can hit the ground running without falling behind.

Join us as we sit down with Veracode Partner Karel Kohout, Security Associate Director, Accenture to discuss the importance of integrations in modern software development, how to get the most out of them with Veracode, and how Accenture helps its clients overcome their own unique challenges. Accenture enables its clients to implement best practices for AppSec program and provides them with recommendations on developing security into their ecosystems by combining Veracode application security solution with GitHub and GitLab integration tools.

During this session, we’ll cover:

• Common challenges with integrating security into the development cycle

• How to build a comprehensive developer security program

• Importance of seamlessly integrating Application security solution with code repository tools for maturing security processes

• Evaluation process and other types of tools considered

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